If I sell my car, what must I do?

Legal transfer of vehicle ownership occurs when both the seller and purchaser, sign the Pennsylvania title in front of a notary public. You will need to disclose purchase price information and mileage (excluding trailers) (Form MV-4ST) at the time of transfer. The purchaser is required to submit the title transfer documentation to PennDOT within 20 days of the notarization.

If I was in an accident, am I required to notify PennDOT?

If the Police do not investigate an accident and someone has died or been injured, or if a vehicle must be towed, send a Driver's Accident Report (Form AA-600) within 5 days to: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering P. O. Box 2047 Harrisburg, PA 17105-2047 Is an international Driver’s License valid in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania honors a valid foreign driver’s license with an international driving permit for a period of up to one year. If the foreign license and/or international permit expires before one year, the individual must apply for a Pennsylvania learner’s permit to continue to drive in this state.

Can I donate to the Organ Donation Awareness Trust Fund (ODTF) when I renew my Driver’s License/Photo ID or vehicle registration by Internet?

http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/faq/faq-misc.shtml - top. Yes. You are asked during the renewal process if you wish to donate $1.00.

What is ODTF and why should I donate?

The ODTF is the Organ Donation Awareness Trust Fund. Your $1.00 contribution will help support educational programs throughout the state to heighten understanding about organ, tissue, and corneal donation.

What is the Pennsylvania point system and how does it work?

The Department of Transportation maintains a driving record for every licensed driver in Pennsylvania. Points are added to a driving record when a driver is found guilty of certain driving (moving) violations.

The purpose of the point system is to help improve driving habits and to ensure safe driving. The Department begins to take corrective actions when a driving record reaches 6 or more points. 'The Pennsylvania Point System' brochure (Pub 472) is now available for downloading on this Web site.

What insurance information do I need to renew my vehicle registration online, and where can I find it?

You will need the name of your insurance company, your policy number, the policy effective date, and the policy expiration date. This information is located on your insurance card.

What is a NAIC number and where do I find it on my insurance card?

Every insurance company licensed to conduct business in Pennsylvania has been issued a National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) number. This number appears on most, but not all insurance cards. If you are not sure where the code is on your insurance card, you should contact your insurance agent for additional information. Please note that you do not need your NAIC code to renew your vehicle registration online.